Meet Our Team

Carla (left) – Owner & Founder, Jessica (middle) – Marketing Director, Deana (right) – Social Media

Our Story

Hello from Carla, Owner and Founder of New Beginnings Trading Post I wanted to introduce myself and my story. We lived in Bourbon for 19 years, Leasburg for 6 years, and currently residing in Bourbon again – with ties to both communities having many families and friends in both areas.

I am blessed with my husband who has endured my hardships beside me, along with four beautiful daughters and many grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, camping, listening to Mercy ME’s hit song I Can Only Imagine, reading the word of God, and enjoying nature. There were times when life wasn’t so simple though….

Through my life there have been 8 times that I have been spared by death, not going into the specifics you have to ask yourself why am I still here and what is my purpose? I never questioned that until 2008.

The worse being August 23, 2008 when my life took a 360 degree turn, I remembered if I hadn’t covered a shift for someone else and only about 15 mins from quit time I was almost crushed to death. After that being taking to Sullivan hospital and then arched to St. Louis with 7 reconstructive surgeries later over the course of the next five years battling cancer in between, still being left with many problems, pain and disabilities that will never be fixed. There were many roller coaster rides of ups and downs of pain, problems and no HOPE!!!

After many talks with our new pastor in 2011 and later watching the movie “Passion of Christ” (seeing how much pain he endure for me) I realized that there is HOPE and used that to move past my own suffering and all the things I could do before and would never be able to do again. Mourning the loss of my ability to live a normal life, my old life. Fighting with God over my suffering why me, “I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.” –Isaiah 66:9 (NCV) The trials I have faced have not only encouraged and increased my faith, but helped me to better understand my purpose. This project is a leap of Faith a new beginning for me and many others.

I know that you won’t give me more than I can handle but my plate is full I told God many times. But there was no sense in questioning God about those things.

Fast forward 10 years later battling cancer in between I have decided to follow his purpose for me. For many years God has laid it upon my heart to spread his word and share his grace with others and I haven’t been “in the position” to make it a reality.

I am a shy, quiet country girl and going door to door spreading the Gospel, teaching Sunday school is way out of my comfort zone. However, if I can wear a shirt with the word of Truth – people take note. I purchased and wore several different Christian shirts with various message over the last few years and people come up to me and comment, talking about them, and even coming back from passing to acknowledge the messages. That being said my ministry or mission will be wearing and selling these shirts as my way of spreading God’s word.

In addition we will be expanding our web store to add other items and custom gifts, due to COVID we are holding off opening a store front at this time. We will start off with local pickup for web or phone orders and move to shipping online.  Check back for new items as we expand our product selection.

Thank you for stopping by. Many prayers and blessings to you.