Hello from New Beginnings Trading Post. First, we would like to thank YOU for stopping by to check out all we have to offer. We deeply appreciate your time because we know how valuable it is. You Are Awesome! Second, we would like to explain (short story) why we are doing what we are doing. Below sums up what is going on around here and if you have more questions, would like to learn more, or help out feel free to contact us by email, social media, or phone – we’d love to chat! Love & blessings to you.

Our mission with this business is to provide quality products that will inspire our shoppers including items for all lifestyles, to spread the word of God, and to lend a helping hand to those in our community who truly need it.

Provide Quality Products
In our online shop you will see that we have started out with t-shirts and a few tanks. We do have more items coming soon (i.e. more apparel, home décor, gifts, furniture, antiques, and more), however due to shipping costs we will only be selling apparel online at this time. Our building is in progress, but not quite ready yet! We will make an announcement when we are closer to ‘Grand Opening’. Once the storefront location opens you will be able to view in store inventory online, even for the items that are in store only. **You can sign up below to get email notifications for new arrivals, specials, and the ‘Grand Opening’

Spread the Word of God
Having been through many of life’s trials we understand how important God is in our life and aspire to spread his word to others. Being rather shy persons – we aren’t the kind to come knocking on doors and preaching the Gospel. But, if we can wear a shirt with the TRUTH of God’s word and people notice – it can be impactful, like a tiny mustard seed.  

Three reasons come to mind in sharing his word through our shirt mission (1) maybe you want to let others know it’s okay to show your faith. (2) Or you’re struggling with your faith or need encouragement that moment. (3) Maybe a person reading your shirt doesn’t know Christ at all and seeing one of our shirts gets them to check out the message, which may touch their life and change it forever. Just imagine all the lives we can touch without much effort.  And you can be part of sharing God’s word without saying a word each time you step out with your shirt on; it’s like putting God’s armour on every time.

Lend a Helping Hand to Those in Need
A portion of our proceeds will go to missions, food pantries, churches and ministerial alliances in the Bourbon School District that are ran from local donations. In addition, we are working on a mission of our own to provide a better quality of life for local people in need- through offering resources for physical, medical, financial, and spiritual assistance. Keep an eye out on social media and check back to the website for a release of our new website for resources and help for our mission.